Welcome to VR Traction      

The name VR Traction was devised not only from the vehicle type, but also the initials of the surnames of two friends who both grew up travelling on Bristol VR buses of the companies of East Kent & Maidstone & District.

In later life both work in the railway industry and have now bought a Bristol VRT Double Decker bus as a vehicle restoration project.

The aim is to restore BKE 832T, an ex-Maidstone & District Bristol VRT to a good standard and take it to rallies and running days when possible.

We’re on something of a learning curve and have benefited from the knowledge of others more experienced than ourselves, and we still do.

Along the way it would be great if we could help other preservationists, so we hope to develop our ‘Links Page’ to contain useful links to companies and organisations that may be able to help the enthusiast and preservationist alike.

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